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  • Peter Miriani

Aldous Spark Now Available on Comixology

Prefer to read your stuff digitally? No problem. Your favorite mad scientist and his affable sidekick are now available for download on Comixology! LINK HERE! For those of you who are not familiar with Aldous and his friends, here's a helpful blurb.... Book one of our story features Aldous Spark, famous illusionist by day, master spy and treasure hunter by night. Born with dwarfism, Aldous possesses a razor sharp wit and staggering intellect. He's equal parts Harry Houdini and Nikola Tesla. Together with his apprentice, Isaiah, Aldous travels the globe as an agent of the Black Moth Society -- an underground collective of anarchists waging a secret war against the institutions of power in an effort to undermine authority and empower the common man. In our first volume Aldous and Isaiah are called to England under mysterious circumstances. There they find themselves embroiled in a forgotten mystery involving an ancient order, a forbidden text, and a ghastly murder. A cryptic journal once thought lost has mysteriously resurfaced -- a journal that holds dangerous secrets. It brings forth a murderous order from the shadows of Rome on a bloody mission to retrieve it.

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