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  • Peter Miriani

Aldous Spark #2 Live on Kickstarter!

Hi all.

Thanks for being a part of the Aldous Spark journey so far. We sincerely appreciate it. We hope you'll join us for the next chapter, "Aldous Spark and the Feast of the Unspoiled," which is now live on Kickstarter.

In "The Feast of the Unspoiled," Aldous once again leverages his formidable intellect as he races the clock to rescue his sister from a murderous cult of masked psychopaths! Together with his loyal apprentice, Isaiah, Aldous faces off against the denizens of a sinister freakshow, pieces together the events of an unsolved murder, and uncovers an underground child trafficking ring in the process.

As the story unfolds, new threats emerge from the shadows: old enemies from Rome move quietly in the background, manipulating events unseen. And new enemies reveal themselves at the heart of the Black Moth Society, itself!

Aldous Spark And The Feast Of The Unspoiled” is 84 pages of full-color, hardcover, oversized, glossy steampunk graphic novel, lovingly written by Peter Mirani with expressive pencils and inks from Mauricio Alvarez, lush, moody colors from Derek Dow, and a cryptic, distressed design from Sonia Harris and Justin Cornell. The book is the second of four volumes, featuring the adventures of Aldous and his frenemies.

Thanks again for being a part of the shadowy world of Aldous Spark!


Peter Miriani

Co-Creator and Author of Aldous Spark


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