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  • Andrew

Moving Right Along

Hey Gang, I hope all is well. I know it's been a little while since the last newsletter, but that is not due to lack of productivity. The day job, night classes, and traveling around Vancouver and Seattle have made things a bit hectic.

I couldn't help pick out a few gems along the way:

But I'm looking forward to getting back on a more once a month type basis. Let's jump in here, shall we? Starting off with this amazing wrap around cover for the Rum Row anthology, by Mateus Santolouco with colors by Marcelo Costa:

We have 6 stories that are fully penciled/inked and another nearing completion (a total of 14 planned). Here's a fantastic page from Drew Moss of Image's Copperhead:

For weekly updates and art, make sure to follow the Rum Row Facebook page. Aldous Spark Vol. 2 is continuing to progress as well. Every time we get new art from Mauricio, I still can't believe we have the opportunity to work with him. He blows me away every time. A little idea of what I'm talking about:

For more updates check out the Aldous Spark page. Then finally, here's a promo piece for the upcoming sci-fi romp, The Bawdy Tales of Lazlo Cale.

We're almost done, and it's finally starting to feel real now. We had a slight hick up on the production side, which has bumped the Kickstarter to late May/early June. But once it's done, I will definitely send out an update regarding it. Well that's all for project updates, but before I go I wanted to mention a few things I've been absorbing lately.

  • The Terror. A new horror show on AMC, set in the mid-1800s in Antartica, following British explorers in their travels. As you can guess things go awry, and the mysteries start to unravel. It's very moody, and a bit of a slow burn. But I'm really digging it, and I can't wait for each episode.

  • Atlanta. Donald Glover's show on FX. Sometimes comedy, sometimes drama, with some definite surreal moments going on this season. If you're not watching this show already, just watch the more recent "Teddy Perkins" episode. You don't need any context, and it's a complete story. God I love this show.

  • The Gentlemen Bastards Trilogy. One thing I really struggle with is finding time to read. Even more so reading purely for pleasure and not research purposes. But I've been working on that to try and find balance. I've been reading through the third book of the fantasy trilogy following a band of thieves and conmen known as the Gentlemen Bastards. The story is incredibly fast paced, with fantastic world building and characters. I can't praise this series enough, and all the books are pretty cheap on kindle. Check them out.

Feel free to let me know what you all are enjoying currently! Have a great week! Best, Andrew

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